Who We Are

Red Hand, originally known as the OSN,  is an information sharing and networking website adminstered by the Oregon Surveillance Network/Oregon Association of Indian Gaming Commissions.  Red Hand is a collaboration of nine Oregon based casinos dedicated to sharing information and assisting industry growth.  Over the years, our goal has been shared with other dedicated leaders from multiple casino jurisdictions creating an information sharing movement that has spanned the globe.

In 2002, Red Hand established a web-based form of high-level communication created to assist all casinos in the sharing of information vital toward successful asset protection.  This amazing networking website and alert system is 100% by surveillance professionals for surveillance professionals.  We continue to grow, boasting a membership of over 1,100 gaming professionals and industry visionaries with over 160 different gaming and government entities being represented.

Members of Red Hand were tired of paying companies to supply us with information that originated within our own surveillance community.  Members wanted expedited information regarding gaming issues as opposed to regurgitated information received months after the fact.  We wanted crisp pictures and fresh information transmitted between departments rather than faxed alerts that were impossible to comprehend and utilize.

Today’s highest forms of asset protection are found within proactive awareness and recognition of gaming threats.  Red Hand offers a proactive alert system and a historical database meant to assist every surveillance team’s effort toward high-level asset protection.

United surveillance communication is a visionary way of combining efforts toward proactive networking and resource utilization in our casinos.  This enhanced form of communication is provided free of charge and will remain a free tool to any casino surveillance operation.  The sole catch is; all participants must be willing to share information.  Shared information provides the avenue toward asset protection networking success.

You can join the efforts of Red Hand by visiting the main page and submitting a request for membership.  The process is simple and also necessary as safe information sharing is a priority.  A candidate will be asked to provide a few general pieces of information (name, title, casino, phone number, email address).  We also request a secondary point of contact to verify your employment and identity.  Upon completion, the candidate will be contacted by a member of Red Hand for a brief introduction/interview.  As approval is granted we will provide all the site information free of charge and add the new member to our alert system.

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